5-Stars: Inspiring, Entertaining and Downright Exhilarating!

5-Stars: Inspiring, Entertaining and Downright Exhilarating!

“Inspiring, entertaining, and downright exhilarating…Portals in Time: The Quest for Un-Old-Age by John Joseph Teressi combines adventure, fantasy, and time travel to offer readers a great reading experience, a story with powerful psychological implications.

From the start, the reader is introduced to the Eye of Time Exploration Team composed of ten volunteers from Grippland — four women and six men —who are entrusted with a delicate yet important mission: they are to travel through time and rediscover the secret of un-old-age in order to save their dying civilization.

Follow this group on an adventure that takes them to a place beyond time, a place of beauty and perpetual youthfulness called Acronos. They will encounter beings with rare wisdom, be offered choices that could affect their destiny and the life of their world, and discover new life forms. Will they be able to remember why they set out on this mission in the first place or will their mission blur as they immerse themselves in a new consciousness? That’s for the reader to find out.

This is a fantastic novel about the notion of time, a story with a cast of compelling characters, explorers from a people known as the Gripps. The quirkiness in their names will immediately grab the reader’s attention. I enjoyed characters like Stare, the engineer, Twist the politician, and the tall businessman, Scheme.

The writing is beautiful and it has a metaphysical and metaphorical feel to it. For instance, describing a moment of Scheme’s experience, the narrator says: “He was immersed in silence, suspended in a pause within the very framework of Time.”

Writing a novel about something abstract like time isn’t easy because the author must pull readers into unfamiliar places and make them feel as though they have been there before, and John Joseph Teressi has got that gift.

The setting is nothing like I have ever read before, but curiously, it does remind me of something I have known and forgotten, of the sense of being connected to something bigger than myself.

Portals in Time: The Quest for Un-Old-Age wakes readers up and provokes in them a reflection on the possibilities of life. It’s inspiring, entertaining, and downright exhilarating.”– Romuald Dzemo, 5-Stars, Readers’ Favorite Reviewer

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