John Teressi

John Teressi

Author:  John Joseph Teressi

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John Teressi, a native Californian and second generation Italian, is fascinated by nature’s design, time and space, and the meaning and power of words. At the age of ten, he began writing stories and did a series of readings to the assembly of students in the auditorium. He continued to write and share stories with his friends.

Fast forward a number of years, and John completed his first novel, “Portals in Time: The Quest for Un-Old-Age”, published by High Castle Publishing.  Asked where he got his ideas for this unique adventure story, he replies, “Concepts, ideas, and stories seem to float into my mind. I begin to see the action and the characters. I let them percolate, and then I write the visions down, filling in the sounds and dialog I hear. My imagination leads me onward, and if I get tired or bored, I know it’s time to stop and start again another day.”

Teressi studied psychology, specializing in human factors engineering. His conceptual and writing abilities led to marketing, design, and fine art; and in his spare time, he entered the design contest for the new World Trade Center in New York. He created amazing, futuristic complex to replace the WTC on the website,

Curious about the underlying nature of reality, Teressi explored higher consciousness through the study of psychology and metaphysics.

One day in his twenties, he awoke with the idea that he wanted to find a jacket that he had lost in a forest over two years before. So, he was walking through the trees taking photos of the branches of trees to use in his paintings when he became lost. It was turning dusk and he had no idea where he was when suddenly he felt as if a powerful energy was moving toward him from all directions. It was the most overwhelming feeling of Love that he recalls as “a transformational moment suspended in Time.” Eventually, the energy moved away, and he stepped backward and tripped on a fallen branch. He fell and landed on soft ground. He felt beneath the leaves and there was his jacket – it looked the same as the day he lost it. Suddenly, in the distance, he noticed a light. A car had stopped on a nearby road, and he was able to follow the light to safety.

That spiritual awakening led him on a quest to experience many Power Places in Europe (Stonehenge and Avebury in England, Rennes Chateau in France, and the Paleolithic Cave Art of Northern Spain and caves of Drach in Majorca) and the pyramids of the Mexico City and the Yucatan among many others. These experiences influenced various passages in “Portals in Time: The Quest for Un-Old-Age.”

In the 1990’s John Joseph Teressi meets Princess Diana. The photo was taken by the famous English, celebrity photographer, Richard Young.

During his travels, he met many fascinating people. When living in Carmel on the Monterey Peninsula, Teressi became acquainted with Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, Merv Griffin, and many more celebrities. At a charity event in London, he met Princess Diana. “It was a highlight of my life,” says Teressi. “She was as lovely in person as you could possibly want her to be!”

John also was honored to enjoy Christmas dinner with Lord and Lady Dashwood at their beautiful Palladium home, West Wycombe Estate, frequently featured in screen adaptations of literary classics such as Cranford and Little Dorrit and more recently in the television series, Downton Abbey.

The wisdom derived from Teressi’s extensive travels, led by curiosity and guided by intuition, inspired this lyrical adventure, “Portals in Time: The Quest for Un-Old-Age” that was written to uplift your soul and empower your heart.

‘Portals in Time’ is an exciting fantasy novel with a riveting plot suffused with the mysteries of time and space. It is a brilliant philosophical New Age novel in which the qualities of two centuries-old classics, Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” and John Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress,” are melded into a dynamic, futuristic tale. –Susan Sewall, Readers’ Favorite Reviewer


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