The Alchemy of the Seven Harmonies

The Alchemy of the Seven Harmonies


“The Alchemy of the Seven Harmonies” by John Teressi serves as a guide to empower, energize, and expand your life! The Harmonies help to increase your self-awareness and well-being.

A Gift Book worth reading!

When you live in Harmony, your negative issues can be transformed into positive actions and help to create better health, more abundance, compatible people and rewarding experiences. 

In the past, Alchemy was the process of attempting to transform one substance into another form of greater value, such as turning base metals into gold or changing herbs into a miraculous, medicinal cure.

The modern adaptation of alchemy is the exploration and transformation of self to create a far more enlightened, aware, and enhanced life experience.

The Alchemyof the Seven Harmonieswill serve as your guide to expand, energize, and increase your self-awareness and well-being.


Living in Balance and Peace!

You are the magic and the mystery. You are the question and the answer. Relax into your knowing that ALL is ONE and you are part of the flow of energy that manifests everything in the Universe.

There are guideposts along the way for you to shift your life into balance. If you have opened this book, it is time for you to once again become familiar with how to experience harmony in your life.

Through your thoughts and emotions, you orchestrate the energy within and around you. The Seven Harmonies can help to provide an understanding of how you may work with that energy.

Author John Teressi

The Seven Harmonies were conceived and introduced by John Joseph Teressi, author in his award-winning, fantasy novel, “Portals in Time:  The Quest for Un-Old-Age”. This classic, time-travel adventure has won eleven awards in the categories of Inspirational, Visionary, Fantasy, and New Age Fiction. It is a powerful story of love, patience, understanding, and redemption that enhances your life and lives in your heart.

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