5-Stars: An Inspirational Fantasy!

5-Stars: An Inspirational Fantasy!

“Portals in Time: The Quest for Un-Old-Age by John Joseph Teressi is an inspirational fantasy, a story with a complex plot and sophisticated characters, written with deep layers of spirituality and powerful hints of philosophy.

You’ll experience both adventure and time travel, and follow compelling characters on a very exciting quest as they are faced with life-changing choices and chances to alter the fate of their people — the Gripps. We meet ten volunteers from Grippland, sent on a time travel mission to uncover the secret of un-old-age, each one a specialist in their field.

This team is known as “Eye of Time Exploration Team” and the survival of a civilization depends on them. The Gripps have been aging fast and this group will have to travel to a point in time where they’ll discover the secret to stopping this phenomenon. But will they be able to return to their own time with the results expected of them or will they abandon themselves to a new consciousness?

Things get very interesting the moment the team sets out. They are thrust into a world with strange realities that fascinate them, and they encounter intelligent life forms and magical beings. Beings like the skilled time travelers known as the Guardians of Acronos, the wise seven Harmonies, Delphos, and many others will excite the explorers and lure them in unimaginable ways.

John Joseph Teressi has the gift of storytelling and, while the adventures of the characters can be exciting, the author succeeds in awakening a deep spiritual longing in the hearts of readers, making them see themselves in the characters.

The setting of Portals in Time: The Quest for Un-Old-Age is a fictional world that some of us must have dreamed about. The story is told in fine prose and in a captivating tone. The author balances the strong descriptive prose with believable dialogues. This book takes you to dreamland and makes you feel as if you belong to a spiritual world of endless possibilities.” —Ruffina Osario, 5-Stars, Readers Favorite Reviewer

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