5-Stars: Heart-Racing Mental Thriller!

5-Stars: Heart-Racing Mental Thriller!

“Portals in Time is a heart-racing mental thriller that grips the reader in its fantastical story! “The Eye of Time Exploration Team” consists of convicts considered a danger to society along with those hand-chosen from the scientific community. These team members were part of time travel experimentation.

Those who controlled the laws and the land were “High Command.” Many of the laws were imagined and it was impossible to discern what was legal any longer. This story is a trip down the “rabbit hole” (Pardon the comparison).

The engineer, Stare, is one of the main characters. He loses himself in the madness of the experiment, his desire to be free of his “alleged” crimes, and the idea of whether any of it even mattered.

Find the time to become lost in this story. You will be mesmerized, confused, and in awe of the author’s attention to detail, as well as the mind-boggling journey it creates in your head. John Joseph Teressi has written a great new fantasy that will leave you questioning our role, as humans, in all of this madness.” Johni Brand Wigal, 5-Stars, Readers’ Favorite Reviewer

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