Discover the Secrets of the Seven Harmonies

Discover the Secrets of the Seven Harmonies

What is your personal tone? Are you in touch with your rhythm and rhyme? Do you trust your intuition? Do you know your heart? Are you aware of the Seven Harmonies and the Crossroads of Time? These are just some of the discoveries you will find in Portals in Time:  The Quest for Un-Old-Age.”

There is no way to fully describe the journey that you will embark on as you join the Gripps from Grippland on an amazing adventure to Acronos, a beautiful valley on the 7th Level full of unusual, intelligent beings and a very conscious natural environment.

John Teressi has demonstrated an amazing imagination, coupled with an understanding of metaphysics and the mysteries, that will surprise and delight you.

Join us and meet the outrageous characters in Acronos as the Gripps battle on, facing the inner enemy and Time.

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