Winner – Best Fantasy, Inspirational, and New Age Fiction Awards

Winner – Best Fantasy, Inspirational, and New Age Fiction Awards

What a joy to learn that one’s work is appreciated, that your imagination, concepts you hold dear, and your way of expressing them are well-received and honored by winning awards!

John Teressi, author of the award-winning, fantasy novel, “Portals in Time:  The Quest for Un-Old-Age” is thrilled to know that he has touched the hearts and minds of readers in a positive and intriguing way. He sends his thanks to all those who have already enjoyed the story of the Gripps adventure in another dimension where they must come to grip with a new way of thinking and being. In this inspirational adventure, these time-travelers learn that their thoughts are creating their reality and how the Seven Harmonies can change their minds and open their hearts.

Follow this fantasy and become aware of who you are and all the possibilities of who you can be.

2017 New Age Fiction Award Winner
2018 Best Inspirational Fiction Book

Winner – Best Inspirational Fiction Book
2018 Book Fest International Book Award

Winner – Best Fantasy Fiction Book
2018 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award

Best Fantasy Book 2018

Winner – Best New Age Fiction
2017 Author’s Circle Novel of Excellence Award

Finalist – New Age Fiction
2018 National Indie Excellence Awards

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