“Portals in Time” Winner of Inspirational Fiction Award – 2018 International Book Awards

“Portals in Time” Winner of Inspirational Fiction Award – 2018 International Book Awards

Best Fantasy Book 2018


                     Best Inspirational Fiction Book 2018

“Portals in Time:  The Quest for Un-Old Age,” by John Joseph Teressi has won the Inspirational Fiction Award in Book Fest 2018 International Book Awards. Over 2,000 entries for 90 categories were submitted from authors and publishers around the world.

It has also won Best Fantasy Book, 2018 Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards and New Age Fiction Finalist in the 2018 National Indie Excellence Awards.

New Age Fiction 2018

“This is by far one of the more different, creative, thought-provoking and downright addicting books I’ve read in a long time!”Karen Matthews, Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewer

“Profound and Visionary! Kept me turning the pages late into the night!” —Samantha Ryan, Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers

“I am honored and delighted to receive these wonderful awards. It is so exciting to be able to share my imagination with others,” says John Teressi, author of “Portals in Time.” Teressi began exploring human consciousness through the study of psychology and metaphysics. In his late twenties when lost in a forest, he experienced a spiritual event, “a moment suspended in time.” At that moment, he felt enormous love and awareness surrounding him. This transformational experience led him to travel extensively to many power places in Europe and Mexico seeking answers for his ever-questioning mind.

“Portals in Time:  The Quest for Un-Old-Age” is an exciting adventure that begins with the Eye of Time Exploration Team time-traveling to save their civilization. The Gripps from Grippland arrive in a mysterious, mystical land called Acronos, a place filled with natural beauty. They encounter many intelligent, unique beings and face the powerful forces of nature beyond their control. They begin to learn that their thoughts are creating their reality on their perilous and fascinating journey of discovery. The Guardians of Acronos try to guide the troublesome Gripps and attempt to share the secret wisdom of “The Seven Harmonies” to save them.

If you enjoyed, The Alchemist, A Wrinkle in Time, The Celestine Prophecy, and the classics:  Alice in Wonderland and Pilgrim’s Progress, you will love this book. If you thrive in nature and appreciate a spiritual journey leading to wondrous discoveries that can change your life, you will be amazed by this exciting adventure that engages and entertains readers of all ages.

Learn more about “Portals in Time:  The Quest for Un-Old-Age” at www.PortalsinTimeBook.com, and it is available as an e-Book and in paperback at Amazon.com. #fantasybooks #timetravel #inspiration #spiritualbooks