Keeps You Totally Hooked Right Up Until the End!

Keeps You Totally Hooked Right Up Until the End!

I became interested in the story right away with the prologue – I like the concept of time travel and exploring alternate possibilities, and of course when they say “There is nothing to worry about…” you know there are things to worry about!

We do feel shot through a “Portal”, and it opens dimensions beyond the obvious. So to me, that is where the story’s strength lies – in its ability to capture the essence of humanity – profound questions on existence and theories of what is ‘known’ and ‘unknown’. I will say that it did take me some time to fully grasp what John Joseph Teressi was really creating here–I kept waiting for some dramatic ‘plot twist’ and then I realized there isn’t any particular one – because essentially the WHOLE thing is one intriguing turn after the other. It actually infuses life-lessons and spiritual insight with the story as it evolves and thus carries more significance than just some ‘time travel’ book.

Definitely more existential and metaphorical than a typical literary sci-fi novel, “Portal” has all the goods to keep you totally hooked right up until the end. I think the most brilliant thing about it is how when you do reach the end, it almost makes you look back on the whole book in a whole new light. Recommend. (4- 5stars) C.J. Jones– Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers



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