Teressi Cosmic Art

Teressi Cosmic Art

The Man, The Magic, The Mystery

Hand of God by John Teressi

The Man: The Journey to Self-Discovery

Teressi Art reveals the images we may have seen in a dream or when gazing at the stars. The cosmic impressions created by John J. Teressi show us another world that reveals the hidden patterns of creation.

It takes an independent mind and futurist to become an explorer, not only in creativity but also in consciousness. Teressi has taken that next step to represent humanity’s cosmic, spiritual aspect, not only as a participant but also as a creator.

Teressi’s search for higher consciousness began with three years of studying the pat­terns of energy in a majestic forest, which led him on a fifteen-year journey to power places in Europe and Mexico, where he gained a greater awareness and encountered deep levels of love and learning. The messages were clear. We are all the total of each other’s ex­perience. By eliminating envy, greed, fear, and jealousy, we shall be free to experience new horizons and energies that we have not yet begun to imagine.

Couple Creating a Planet by John Teressi

The Magic: Art from the Heart

Teressi’s art goes beyond our normal definition of art. Instead, it comes from a reference point of his personal journey into the wilderness. which resulted in a state of being that surmounts our normal emotions of fear and judgment. This personal experience, which was achieved through years of intense isolation, created a birthing space for a new understanding, a new way of viewing man and his universe.

The Movement: A New Understanding

Each Teressi image is chosen to evoke that sensitivity, revealing to us, the viewer, a new understanding and a new perspective of our existence and the universe in which we live. It is within the hearts and minds of all who view them. The vibration of love felt and expressed will. in turn. broadcast these impressions to all of mankind.

Relaxing Among the Stars by John Teressi

Teressi believes we are entering into a New Era of tremendous opportunity where the individual consciousness of every man, woman, and child is crucial to our planet’s healthy growth and development. In the balance point, each consciousness is vitally important in creating that new world. If we are to inherit a new destiny beyond war, fear, and judgment, we must acknowledge the higher self that resides within us and allow old concepts of limitation to drift away.

It is Teressi’s goal that you will discover for yourself the love felt and expressed in his works of art and share this new-found understanding with your fellow voyagers as we enter the second millennium and claim the destiny of our New Age.

Teressi art is held in national and international collections and in public corporations, including 20th Century Fox. He is a world traveler, exhibiting his work in Europe, Japan, and the U.S. Teressi is also available for special commission projects.

Dolphins 2012 by Teressi

Interview with John Teressi, Cosmic Artist for the 21st Century

What is the Process of Receiving and Creating these Cosmic Images?

You open a door, a portal, through time and space – traveling to unknown dimensions, receiving energy, and transforming those energies into instantaneous emotional and energetic impressions.  The resulting images (drawings) emanate from the no-time zone.

How Does Teressi Art Happen?

To lose yourself in yourself is to activate this process of seeking a place of higher consciousness in which to dwell.  You are no longer present.  You “Come of Age” in this new dimension, in the sacrosanct aura of Now-Being.

At that point of departure, you become an energy vector, spiraling to the center point where all knowledge dwells. It is called the “Spiral Vector-Out Sequence.”

The Trilogy by John Teressi

Teressi Experienced Total Immersion Into An Active Field of Energy

7 years of exploring the magic and the mystery of the forest, developing new techniques of abstract photography, leading to paintings called The Ocean of Air.  He experienced Light Frequency Assimilation – The extreme immersion within the light, the form, and the color yielded a result of reaching into another frequency of information, which led to Spontaneous Images – Drawings with messages.  Spontaneous images received on small scraps of paper, such as the Hand of God and The Trilogy, soon developed into full-color, large-format works of art. A Message for All of Humanity – our Global Responsibility. Teressi images convey the knowledge and impact and the perceived emotion that our Global consciousness is our hope for future generations.

Icons of Hope, Trust, knowingness, and Oneness

Icons of Hope – Teressi images were created by using this Inter-Dimensional Vocabulary to create new ways of experiencing the human form and messages of the Soul within the context of the Cosmos.

Icons of Trust – More than simple images, the drawings convey an invisible message of Trust in demonstrating the larger order of the Mystery in which we live.

Icons of Knowingness – Images that broadcast an innate structure of inner knowledge that the viewer perceives and feels.

Icons of Oneness – We are not separate or Alone. Images unify the trilogy of body, mind, and spirit.

There are hundreds more paintings and drawing by Teressi. We will put up the Teressi Art website soon.

You can also check out Teressi’s designs for the World Trade Center after it was destroyed on 9/11 at www.7thProposal.com.

Twin Flames held by a candle in the center between them by John Teressi
Hand of God with Planet by John Teressi
The Trilogy with Planet by John Teressi
And yes, this is what it is when it is…Where it is! by John Teressi
Angel with Ring of Life and Dove of Peace 2021 by John Teressi
Angel Opening Pathway Through the Labyrinth 2021 by John Teressi
Emergency rose transmitter calling Orbital Rose for planetary intervention! 8-2021 by John Teressi
Caught Within the Hypercube by John Teressi
Apparation of the Cosmic Madonna 2021 by John Teressi
Traveler is back! Planetary Transporter! 2021 by John Teressi
Your magnetic field is your reservation. I am so sorry. You will need a reservation or no entry! by John Teressi 8-2021