An Inspiring, Engrossing Novel!

An Inspiring, Engrossing Novel!

Beautiful writing, great action, fun characters, and a unique plot!

Beautiful writing, great action, fun characters, unique plot…Just an amazing, eye-opening read that really delivered in terms of exploring different aspects of humanity, flaws, weaknesses, and sins, but also change, growth, redemption, and hope. I admit this isn’t really my normal genre of reading but the sample pulled me in, and it was just so easy and fun to read.

I thought John Joseph Teressi’s writing was so powerful…descriptive (without being overdone) and each of the (many) characters add to the story in a believable way, even though some are quite ‘out there’ (but in a good way!) Adventuresome at times, intense and shocking at others – this feels like a literary acid trip and I mean that as a compliment. Some scenes happen that are just weird and you are trying to figure out what it all means – but that is what makes reading this fun…its when you finally do figure it out. At least I think I did -ha-ha.

Anyways, I liked the poetic feel also, how the various threads weave together in an ending that I can only describe as being truly inspired. It is richly layered with meaning and wisdom – philosophical and spiritual – that some may miss, but others will marvel at. I admired how Teressi utilized the language to create such a vivid, almost hallucinatory atmosphere each step of the way, and he never gets too heavy-handed in the imagery. An inspiring, engrossing novel that stays with you long after you are done and makes you want to read more from him soon. (5 stars) Steph Coleman– Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers


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