Uplift Your Soul and Empower Your Heart

Uplift Your Soul and Empower Your Heart

Winner of Twelve Book Awards in the Genres of Inspirational, Visionary, Fantasy, and New Age Fiction!

First Place Winner in Fiction:  Fantasy in the Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards 2018.

“Humorous, inspirational, adventurous, mysterious! If you love fantasy, time travel, and adventure delivered through melodic and mystical prose, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything more original, satisfying, or motivational than ‘Portals in Time’. Full of elements to satisfy a wide spectrum of readers.”–Sheri Hoyte, Managing Editor for Reader Views

“This is by far one of the more different, creative, thought-provoking, and downright addicting books I’ve read in a long time!”—Karen Matthews, Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewer

First Place Winner in Inspirational Fiction in the American Fiction Awards 2018.

“The setting is nothing like I have ever read before, but curiously, it does remind me of something I have known and forgotten, of the sense of being connected to something bigger than myself. Portals in Time: The Quest for Un-Old-Age wakes readers up and provokes in them a reflection on the possibilities of life.” –Romuald Dzemo, 5-Stars, Readers’ Favorite Reviewer

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First Place Winner in two categories: Visionary and New Age Fiction in Beverly Hills Book Awards 2018.

“An Inspirational Fantasy! A story with a complex plot and sophisticated characters, written with deep layers of spirituality and powerful hints of philosophy.” —Ruffina Osario, 5-Stars, Readers Favorite Reviewer

“Portals in Time is a heart-racing mental thriller that grips the reader in its fantastical story! Find the time to become lost in this story. You will be mesmerized and in awe of the author’s attention to detail as well as the mind-boggling journey creates in your head.”—Johni Brand Wigal, 5-Stars, Amazon Reviewer

Gold Medal Winner in Visionary Fiction in the Readers’ Favorite International Awards 2018.

Winner of 11 Awards:

1. Gold Medal 2018 Readers Favorite Book Awards
2. Winner – 2018 Beverly Hills Book Awards

3. Winner 2018 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award
4. Winner – 2018 Literary Titan Book Awards
5. Finalist – 2018 (IAN) Book of The Year Awards
6. Finalist – 2018 American Book Fest, Best Book Awards

7. Winner – 2018 American Fiction Awards
8. Finalist – 2018 American Book Fest, Best Book Awards

9. Winner – 2018 Book Fest International Book Awards
10. Winner – 2018 Beverly Hills Book Awards
11. Winner – 2017 Author’s Circle Novel of Excellence
12. Finalist – 2018 National Indie Excellence Awards

First Place Winner:  Best New Age Fiction in the Author’s Circle Novel of Excellence Awards.
First Place Winner:  Best Inspirational Fiction in the International Book Awards.

If you enjoyed, The Alchemist, Alice in Wonderland, The Pilgrim’s Progress, A Wrinkle in Time, and The Celestine Prophecy, you will love this book. If you thrive in nature and appreciate a spiritual journey leading to wondrous discoveries that can change your life, you will be amazed by this exciting adventure that engages and entertains readers of all ages. 

John Teressi is a master storyteller who was inspired by his own transformational moment in time when lost in a forest in his late twenties. He has brought us another view of reality in this visionary allegory of our modern world. It is a mystical, magical journey through time. Click Here to Order at Amazon.com

The story begins with ten volunteers, the Grippland Eye of Time Exploration Team, who are former prisoners sent via time travel to discover the Secret of Un-Old-Age. Grippland High Command rules with an iron fist, using thousands of laws, censorship, and intense surveillance. They reward Thought Stalkers and have eliminated the use of positive words that are now hidden away in the W

Award-Winning Finalist in Fiction: Fantasy category in the 2018 Best Book Awards sponsored by American Book Fest.

ord Museum. The Gripps Exploration Team’s mission is to save their civilization and find a cure for the citizens who are aging prematurely.

Award-Winning Finalist in Fiction: Fantasy category in the Independent Authors Network (IAN) Book of the Year Awards 2018.

The Gripps arrive in another dimension, a mysterious land called Acronos filled with natural beauty and harmony. They encounter many intelligent and unusual life forms and are shocked by nature’s amazing awareness. They are greeted by the Guardians of Acronos, two highly evolved time travelers who attempt to share the wisdom of The Seven Harmonies. The Gripps experience one surprising event after another in which time changes, twists, and turns until they begin to realize that their thoughts are creating their reality and reality is mirroring who they are and revealing their true nature.

Award-Winning Finalist in Fiction:  New Age category in the Nat’l Indie Excellence Awards.

There are few times in our lives when we can become lost in a fantasy that can affect our lives in such a meaningful and positive way. You will not forget the characters and the wonder of nature in this story of love, patience, understanding, and redemption that will enhance your life and live in your heart.

Portals in Time is a brilliant philosophical New Age novel in which the qualities of two centuries-old classics, Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” and John Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress,” are melded into a dynamic futuristic tale. Surpassing dystopian and utopian novels, it is an inspiring spiritual journey that delves into metaphysics and the fundamentals of reality. The time-traveling aspect of the story has the capricious effect of going “down the rabbit hole,” and is an enthralling part of the adventure from the first chapter to the last.”–Susan Sewell, Readers’ Favorite Reviewer

Five Stars Reader’s Favorite Reviews

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